Welcome to The Loaded Die, a biweekly feature here at the Kraken where your host, Kyu (that’s me!) reviews three new board games in every delicious post.

For each game, I’ll give an overview of what it is, a description of how to play, and my subjective thoughts (typically based on a single play-through). Looking for numerical ratings? Generate your own with our helpful guide! Simply roll the listed number and type of dice to discover your personalized rating. Remember, it’s not a meaningless number if you believe in it.

Special thanks as always to our friendly local cafe, GameHäus in Los Angeles.

#1 – Pathfinder, Medina, Gentlemen Thieves

#2 – Lords of Waterdeep, Times Square, Carnival

#3 – Chaturanga, Pirateology, Ghooost!

#4 – Bandu, Forbidden Island, Dungeoneer

#5 – Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Tōkaidō, Blue Moon City

#6 – A la Carte, For Sale, Nefarious

#7 – Crows, TZolk’in: The Mayan Calendar, City of Horror

#8 – The Resistance: Avalon, Banangrams, Pit

#9 – Konexi, Tanto Cuore, Guillotine

#10 – Ladies and Gentlemen, Hanabi, Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island

#11 – Sentinels of the Multiverse, Metro, The Bridges of Shangri-La