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Best of 2016: Movies

In All, Movies by Kyu

Welcome one and all to the second annual “Best of”s from all your friends here at We Have Always Lived in the Kraken! Every year we making ridiculous top lists, hand out awards we just made up, and in general celebrate the weird, wild year we …

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Best of 2016: Video Games

In All, Video Games by Matt Morris

Matt: 2016 was a rough year in many ways, but when times are tough, video games are like a warm blanket of comfort on a cold night. So huddle up, folks, because it’s time to talk about the year in video gaming! We saw the release …

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Best (Worst) of 2016: Anime

In All, Anime by Keskel

This year I’m chronicling my terrible anime consumption/addiction a little differently from last year. I’m specifically listing “original” or non-sequel shows in one list, and am leaving a separate place for continuations (ie., season 2s or franchises). It’s worth noting that I’m not treating an …