Kraken David temp
Editor in Chief – David Robertson

David is an aspiring screenwriter who considers the acidic damp of the Kraken’s innards to be far less depressing than the mean streets of Los Angeles. In his spare time, he watches those few television broadcasts that penetrate the monster’s tough, signal-resistant hide.

Kraken Kyu temp
Managing Editor – Josh Kyu Saiewitz

“Kyu” is an honorific, but he will not tell us how he earned it. When not writing for or about movies, he can be found tunneling feverishly into the guts and bones of the monster that houses us. He swears there is treasure here somewhere, and he will find it.

Kraken Sam temp
Senior Creative Contributor – Sam Kenkel

There is no Sam Kenkel. There is only Ted Keskel. Ted’s knowledge of anime is only surpassed by his game design skills. This page is a game of his design, and you are losing. When Ted feels lonely he climbs to a perch behind the eyes of the behemoth, where he can see the moon to bay.


Creative Contributor – Amy “Atomika” Davidson

Atomika resides with her family in a lighthouse overlooking the Kraken’s favorite feeding ground. She transmits her scathing columns to us via coded messages in beams of light reflecting off the evening mist.