WonderCon MegaPost pt. 3 (Kyu’s Swag)

In All, Conventions by Kyu

Kyu here for the third and last part of the WonderCon 2014 report. This is just a quick ‘n dirty swag report, because in the end, cons are all about the sweet stuff you buy or get handed for free. Okay, maybe that’s not all they’re about. But it’s still fun to see what you take home with you.

The photo gallery is below. Notable:

-The two Pascal Campion pieces I bought. Beautiful!

-Sandman: Overture–the variant cover is holographic and there’s a fold-out insert inside of all of Sandman’s various forms. Very cool.

-A number of freebies from the Dark Horse booth, including a poster, Hellboy and The Strain sampler comics, and a Zelda sword bookmark.

Bad Houses, signed by the author.

-Materials promoting a How to Train Your Dragon DVD sequel.

-The official WonderCon t-shirt.

-Scott Pilgrim coin and charms. (The coin reads, “In Scott We Trust” and “Bread Makes You Fat.”)

Silver, a comic book by the supervising animator on The Iron Giant. He had me at “Pulp adventure sequel to Dracula set in the 1930s.”

-A poster for The Quiet Ones, the new movie from the rejuvenated Hammer Pictures. I’ve been following their studio for a while now, and so far their track record is mixed (The Woman in Black is meh, but Let Me In was quite good). I’ll be interested to see what people say about this new one.

-A t-shirt for… something? Some tech company was handing them out in exchange for completing a brief survey, and they had the good grace not to put any identifying information on the shirt. Dumb for them, but I certainly appreciate it, because I get a sweet abstract dragony shirt instead of something that makes me look like a corporate whore for Lenovo or whoever.

Thanks, people giving out free stuff! It makes me happy to have more things than I used to.

And with that, I conclude my coverage of WonderCon 2014. Tune in tomorrow for our next Game of Thrones review and in all likelihood David’s unique take on WonderCon.